Our founding fathers wisely designed our government to specifically protect our natural rights to life, liberty, and property, and limit the government and tyranny. Just as the title to a home is proof of ownership, the constitution is proof that we own the government, it is our title of liberty and must be preserved and defended at all cost. Today, all but a few of the leaders of our country have broken their oath to protect constitution. They assume more and more power in the expansion of the federal government, as they destroy the foundation of liberty, they are breaking the law. Where I come from when someone breaks the law it makes them a criminal.  I’m not proposing that we arrest all the criminals in Washington but we certainly should not vote them back into office.  The constitution is the highest and supreme law of the land and it is hanging by a thread, we the people of Utah need set the example by strictly adhering to and enforcing the constitution by not allowing our leaders to usurp power and authority we have not given them. Our leaders need to obey the law just as they expect us to.  My purpose in seeking a place in the U.S. Senate is to restore the rule of the law by reversing the unlawful expansion of federal government, and to restore power to the people and the states.